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Toy Storage Ideas

toy storage ideas

Here’s a look at my son’s room that is packed with toy storage ideas for you. I would love to redo this room and upgrade his furniture and get rid of a few things, but he will not let me. He is quite the little pack rat and he does not like change. He has not reached the age where he is through playing with toys yet and he wants all the things in his bedroom. So, the key here has been how to organize all the things so he can access them easily. Let me tell you, you have to use every bit of space you have.

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Using the Walls for Toy Storage

The walls are a great place to start thinking about storage. Once you have your furniture laid out in the room, you know what wall space you have to work with. I have his walls filled with shelves, cubbies, pictures, a bulletin board and karate belts.

Toy Storage Ideas
Bulletin Board and star wars quilt

Do you spy a pirate ship hanging from the ceiling? Yes, yes, you do. That is actually a kite that he plays with like it’s a pirate ship. There was literally no place for this thing and then I had the bright idea to hang it from the ceiling. Sometimes you have to get creative! The ceiling is definitely a hidden toy storage area.

Toy Storage Ideas

On the opposite wall there are some shelves that hold more legos.

On this side of the room, I have several hanging cubbies. The white one is larger and houses lots of Star Wars legos and figurines. Above the toy cabinet are old Coca-Cola crates that are perfect for tiny legos and figurines. Don’t forget you can use the tops of these as well. As you can see we have more Legos and Lego people on the tops of our wall cubbies.

Toy Storage Ideas
Boy Bedroom
Toy Storage Ideas

Under the Bed Toy Storage

A big storage area is under the bed. In order to maximize this space, we put his bed on risers. This gave us plenty of room for these super handy Amazon wire storage bins on wheels. These were so inexpensive. There are four of these under his full size bed. We used them to house our extra Lego parts that we organized by color and category during COVID instead of doing online school. We had a great system, let me tell you!

Under Bed Lego Storage

Toy Storage Stackable Cubbies

We added this stackable cubby system a year or so ago. It also came from Amazon and it’s three parts stacked together. It may not be pretty, but it gives him access to all his toys and lets him categorize like things together. Let me walk you through our categories starting at the top. The top three bins house mostly helmets, costume parts, masks, and army gear. The two middle baskets hold army men and army boats and look out towers and all the army things a boy could ever want to play with. The two smaller shelves are pretty random, but they are things we just can’t part with. The bottom two cubbies are the obvious things like shields and weapons. Ha ha. The taller weapons like muskets and swords are leaning on the sides of the cabinet.

Stackable Cubbies

Backs of Doors

The backs of doors are a space that might be overlooked, but I used it! We used this over the door shoe holder from Amazon to put larger figurines and other toys in. This isn’t seen very much at all because his door is usually open.

Back of Door Storage

And finally, I have two rows of hooks on the back of his closet door filled with costumes. What can I say, my kid likes to dress up and use his imagination. He doesn’t have much real estate in this closet as it is a shared closet with my daughter, so we had to use every inch.

Costume Storage

Occasionally I have to help him clean up a few things and get them back in the right place, but for the most part he maintains this organization. I have to make the system, but he can maintain it. It has really helped to have this room organized. He has so many interests that I had to make zones or categories of things and then find the hidden areas of storage.

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