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DIY Halloween Costumes: Octonaut’s Dashi Dog & Tunip

Have you ever heard of Dashi Dog or Tunip the Vegimal?  Unless you have a small child obsessed with the Octonauts, you probably haven’t.  But, if you are like I was and you have a child that is obsessed with the Octonauts, you know that finding a Dashi Dog or Tunip the Vegimal Halloween costume isn’t going to happen.  You are going to have to make one yourself.  Well, here is how you do it.

  1.  Put together the basic pieces that you can turn into a costume.
    • Brown shirt – I found a brown shirt in the closet.
    • Pink skirt – I ordered a pink skirt online.
    • Blue boots –  We splurged and bought blue Uggs that she wore all the time.
    • Blue tights –  We found some tights at Target.
    • Camera – We used our Fisher-Price pink camera.
  2.   Print out some Octonaut logos on iron-on paper.  I just searched for Octonauts images and found what I wanted.  I printed directly onto the iron-on paper that I ordered online right on my home printer.  I ironed on a large Octonaut logo on the back of the shirt and a small logo on the front.
  3. Make an embroidered name tag for the front of the shirt.
  4. Make a blue felt collar and sew it onto the shirt.
  5. Sew a border or trim on the skirt.IMG_1424.jpg
  6. Make a puppy dog tail out of felt and sew it onto the back of the skirt.IMG_1425
  7. Make an Octonaut hat.  I used a felt bowl that I found at Michael’s.  I covered it with blue felt and cut out a logo from white felt.  Then I sewed the logo on by hand.  IMG_1395
  8. Make air tanks out of a pool noodle and duck tape.  I cut up a pool noodle to be the air tanks and made the straps to hold it together with some pink polk-a-dot duck tape I found at Target.IMG_1426
  9. To make a little Tunip the Vegimal costume for my son, I just dressed him in an orange shirt and made a hat out of a felt bowl.  I cut out green leaves from felt and sewed them on the hat/bowl.  010-4


    Now that you’ve got the costume picked out, here’s an idea about how to pour paint on pumpkins here.  It’s so much fun.

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