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Master Bedroom Updates

Why is the master bedroom always the last room in the house to get a makeover? We have lived in our house for ten years and I am only just now okay with my master bedroom. It’s just not a room with high visibility, so I guess it just gets put aside when you are making your to do list. For us, our master bedroom is not only our room, but it is our dogs’ bedroom as well. So, our decisions in this room have got to be dog friendly ones.

Three years ago I posted about how we ripped up the carpet in our master bedroom and painted the concrete floors. Then I posted about how we painted our trim around the tray ceiling black and how I painted a tv cabinet for this room. Now, I’m finally going to show you the rest of the updates to our dog friendly master bedroom.

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To see the details about the floor, check out How To Paint Concrete Floors. To see the crown molding details, read Black Crown Molding Makes A Major Impact. And if you want to be completely caught up, check out Furniture Makeover: From Office Credenza to Bedroom TV Cabinet. There you go. That’s the back story to this master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Rugs

Most bedrooms with rugs usually have one large rug under the end of the bed. I decided against that set up in here for several reasons and went with two separate rugs. I put the larger rug at the end of the bed and the smaller one in front of the fireplace. This way it is easier to clean these rugs. I can pick them up off the floor without moving the bed. Also, this helps define the space in front of the fireplace as a sitting area.

Master Bedroom Updates

I could not find these exact rugs to link here, but I found lots that were similar. These are not expensive, because, well, I already mentioned – dogs.

Master Bedroom Bedding

If you have dogs that like to get on the bed, it’s really hard to keep nice bedding. At one point I really wanted white in here, but just never did it because I knew it would probably end me. We have had this beautiful Pottery Barn duvet since Christmas and the key to keeping it nice is the faux fur blanket we keep on top of it. This is super snuggly and the dogs and cats both love it. It also protects the duvet cover from little paws.

Master Bedding
Master Bedroom Updates

Underneath the duvet, we recently added black linen sheets from Target and I love them! This is the first time in my life I have slept on linen and I didn’t know how I would feel about it. They are super soft and comfy and because they are black they don’t look dingy like the light colored ones did. So far, this has been a good investment.

Wall Decor

When it comes to wall decor, I generally do a lot of it myself. Not everything, but I do enjoy filling a large canvas with paint every now and again. Over the fireplace is where I will change out my DIY art. To see how I did this gray piece, check out DIY ART WITH HOUSE PAINT.

Master Bedroom Updates
Fireplace Decor

On the wall opposite the fireplace, I have an oval mirror and some wood carving pieces that I have had forever. And next to the tv, I actually framed some pieces of junk mail. Yes. It’s true. You can find art anywhere. Sometimes it comes to you in the mail!

Master Bedroom Updates
Master Bedroom Updates

Why is there a big blank spot on the right side of the tv cabinet? Shouldn’t you fill that space with something to give that wall a little more balance, you might say. But, I say to you, that spot is usually filled with a big dog bed. I just took it out for the pictures. So, it’s not perfect; but, it’s perfect for us and four dogs.

Bench, Curtains and Accessories

Speaking of dog beds, we added the bench at the end of the bed to function as a dog bed. It has a sloped sides and is upholstered. It is the perfect spot for a furry friend to snuggle up on. It also acts as a low step to help the little/old dogs who can’t jump all the way up on the bed.

Master Bedroom Updates

We added back some of the softness we lost by removing the carpet by taking out our plantation shutters and adding curtains. Honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t do that sooner. The curtains look so much better and let in so much more light during the day. Plus, they were extremely affordable!

As far as accessories go, it’s super easy to switch them out in this room. Because most items in this room are a neutral color, I can change the accent color easily by changing accessories. I have been moving decor items from room to room recently just trying to freshen everything up a bit. In fact, I have changed out the art and decor on my mantel since this photo and now I have red as my accent color in this room instead of the brown and gray you see here.

Master Bedroom Updates

Update on Updates

So, after three years, how are the floors holding up? I get this question a lot. As you can see, they still clean up nicely. For the most part, they are still in great shape. I do have a scratch in the corner under the leg of the chair and another scratch or two here or there. But, I don’t have any areas where paint has worn off or come up. It’s holding together nicely and there are a lot of little paws on this floor.

I am also still loving my black crown molding and fireplace. I do not regret painting those black at all. I still think it gives the room so much more interest and black paint is super trendy right now. So, I was about three years ahead of a trend! Woo hoo! The ceiling fan we added when we painted is also still turning without any problems. It still looks great as well.

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  • Reply
    April 10, 2022 at 7:28 am

    Your floor is stunning. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on carpet over the years and want to paint the floor in my den and hallway.

    Did you have to lower the floor boards after removing the carpet?
    You mentioned slipperiness – is there a reason you didn’t add texture?
    Does the coolness of the concrete bother you, or do you get used to it?
    Is there any room in your house where you would recommend NOT doing this?

    Thank you

    • Reply
      Mom Can Do Anything
      April 11, 2022 at 5:13 pm

      Thank you for reading my post. I did not lower the floor boards after removing the carpet.

      Yes, there is a bit of a gap between the floorboards and the concrete floor. This was intended to be a short term solution and changing out the baseboards was not worth it to me. I always intended to put quarter round over the gap, but never did.

      You could definitely add texture and that might be a great idea. I added rugs. It is still slippery in some parts, but it hasn’t been a problem.

      I do not notice the coolness of the concrete. Like I said, I put rugs down and that really warms up the space. My dogs actually enjoy laying on the floor in there sometimes because it is cooler, especially in the summer.

      I probably would not do this in a bathroom. I feel like that would be a place I might fall if it were slippery and I wouldn’t want to risk it. I would not do this anyplace in your home and expect it to last for 10 years or a long time, especially in a high traffic area.

      We intended this to be a short term solution and later we would come back and extend our hardwood floors into this area. We haven’t felt the need to do that, however. I imagine if we ever list our house for sale, we would have to do it then.

      Hope this helps you decide!

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