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Christmas Décor Home Tour: Red Plaid & White Reindeer

I know there are those people out there that think you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up your Christmas Decorations.  Well, those people either put up one tree and call it done or have the luxury of having someone else decorate their home for them.  I am neither of those.  I am a busy mom with things to do who happens to love Christmas and all the decorations that come with this time of year.  I truly enjoy having my home decorated for the Holidays.  When Daylight Savings Time ends, I need to have lights all over my house.

I always say I am going to start earlier.  For me I feel like I am in a time crunch when I wait until after Halloween.  I prefer Halloween to be on a Friday, so I can put up Christmas that weekend.  I seem to spend crazy amounts of time decorating and I like to have it done so I can move on to things like shopping, crafts, and snacking on everything in site.  Also, most years we celebrate Christmas with my brother’s family during Thanksgiving.  So, there are many reasons to get moving on decorating.

Each year I seem to add and add and add to my decorations.  Some years I switch things up, especially if I have changed something or painted something in the house.  It is fun to update and change the look of Christmas.  Maybe you just move some decorations from one room to another, or maybe you change color schemes, but I like to try and keep it fresh.

Right now I put up two trees.  We have the largest one in the front of the house in the foyer and another skinnier one in the family room.  We put presents under the big tree and that’s where Santa visits.  We just spend so much time every day in the family room though, so I just think we need a little decorating in there as well.

In the past, I did all red decorations in the front of the house and brown and gold decorations in the family room.  Last year, however, I retired the brown and gold in the family room and busted up the red by using it in both rooms.  I also added white to the color scheme in the front of the house, getting my inspiration from my white deer antler chandelier in the dinning room.

On the tree in the front, used a lot of red ornaments and I added deer head and antler ornaments that I had to spray paint white.  I used gold accents with some gold balls and garland.  I also used a Burch bark ribbon garland.   Finally I added other white ornaments and a red, black and white ribbon to tie it all together and coordinate with my paint and other décor in the front of the house.  On the top, I tied a bow from the ribbon I used on the white balls.

In the family room I used silver hearts that I have had since we got married and I have used them every year.  I also used these super cute red balls with this fun ribbon I tied on top.  I filled in with silver balls, red balls, ice cycles, and snow flakes.  On the top, I tied a burlap bow.

I treated the front of the house as one space, coordinating decorations.  In the living room, I put two small trees on the mantel and added black and white balls with the plaid ribbon.  I also put “snow” on the branches and used my favorite white deer as filler adding a ribbon scarf around their necks and ornaments to their antlers.  I love them.

Now, back to that chandelier I mentioned earlier.  Of course, I decorated it along with the rest of the dinning room.  I used a garland with a gold and red ribbon around my window and mirror that I once used on my stairs.  (You can see my dinning room transformation here.)

Another favorite idea was to hang the stockings on the antique bed on the wall instead of by the fireplace.  We have so many because we have stockings for all the pets compliments of my mom.  By hanging them on the wall, we can really see each and every one.  (Check out how to hang an antique bed on a wall here.)


I try to get a little Christmas in to every room of the house, but this is the main part and the majority of our decorations.  I hope you liked what you saw and maybe you can get some ideas to try in your own house.  Merry Christmas!




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