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How To Make The Best Chex Mix

My absolute favorite thing to snack on during the holidays is Chex Mix.  I can eat this for three meals a day.  Yes, I’m sure that’s not healthy, but I do love my Chex Mix in December.  There is nothing like it when it’s warm and fresh out of the oven.

Here is how I make it.

  1.  I start with the standard recipe that is on the box. DSC_3223
  2.  I always make a double batch.  You can’t have too much Chex Mix.DSC_3212
  3.  I use extra butter and seasonings.  I know.  It’s not rocket science.  More butter is better.  Since I have extra butter, I have to use extra seasoning including Worcestershire sauce.DSC_3213
  4. See all those other ingredients that aren’t seasonings, cereal, or nuts….don’t do it.  There is no need to muddy this up with things like pretzels or bagel chips.  Why ruin something so pure.
  5.  Okay, let’s talk nuts.  1 cup of mixed nuts?  What does that mean, exactly?  I would just forget you ever saw that part of the recipe.  I get bags of nuts – cashews, pecans, and almonds.  There are no peanuts in my version.  I pile on the nuts.  Usually half a bag of each kind of nut per batch of Chex Mix.  I will say that my mom uses a can of mixed nuts including peanuts and it is delicious.  It’s just a different flavor of delicious.  DSC_3215
  6.  Also, I don’t know how someone could feel good about cooking this in the microwave.  I have never tried, so maybe it’s okay.  I just wouldn’t risk it.  Use the oven.  Adjust the cooking time depending on your oven.  I usually go a little shy of the hour of cooking, rotating my trays and stirring every 15 minutes.DSC_3217

I was in the middle of making this batch when the kids came home from school and they were so excited.  They smelled it immediately and asked if I had made Chex Mix.  They could hardly wait the 30 more minutes that were left to finish cooking.  DSC_3247

After I am done and it’s all cooled off, I usually store it in a couple of Christmas tins.  It’s great to have sitting around if you have guests staying with you for the holidays as they can snack on it whenever they like.


So, back to Worcestershire sauce.  It does contain anchovies and some people are allergic to anchovies.  Did you know that?  So, here is an alternative sauce that I am going to try.  I’ll let you know if it has the same punch that I love in a standard Worcestershire sauce.


So, get out there and eat some Chex Mix this holiday season.

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