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Red and White Christmas Tree

It’s been a few years since I have used red and white together in the front of my house. For several years I kept all the red in the family room and put all the white in the front of the house. Well, I was ready for something totally different this year. So, I flocked my tree to give it a whole new look and couldn’t wait to put together a Letters to Santa themed Christmas tree in red and white this year.

Red and White Mailboxes

I already had my color scheme in mind, but when I found these cute little mailboxes at the Target dollar spot, they pulled my theme together. These were easy to wire in to the branches. I used five and spaced them out around the tree.

Letters to Santa
Letters to Santa

Red Velvet and White Birch Bows

This was another pairing I couldn’t wait to do. I have the four inch red velvet ribbon, paired with my white birch ribbon, topped off with more two and a half inch red velvet ribbon. I love this combination together. It is so rich. I also love the combination of the flocking with the velvet.

Very Large Ornaments

One of the things I mentioned in a previous post, Take Your Christmas Tree Up a Notch, was size and scale of ornaments. This tree is very large. It’s a 10 foot, full bodied tree and it needs big ornaments to fill it up. I have some extremely large white balls that I tucked into this tree and anything that was small went on the tips of the branches.

Red and white Letters to Santa Christmas tree
Red and white Christmas tree


To go along with my theme, I put two children’s desks around the tree, you know, for writing your letter to Santa. I’ve also got an old typewriter I used to fill in some space around the bottom of the tree. Finally, I popped in a few Santas to complete my themed Christmas tree display.

Nordic Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Red and White Christmas tree

Red Poinsettias and White Hydrangeas

Both my red poinsettias and white hydrangeas have been used in the past, but never together. Wow, what a combination they make. The red poinsettias are velvet and they pick up that texture from the red velvet ribbon which looks luxurious. The white hydrangeas seem to glow with the light behind them. For the most part they are on the tree in pairs – the perfect combination.

red and white tree
red and white tree
red and white tree

At Night

When the lights are on this tree at night, you can see that the white ornaments and the white hydrangeas reflect light and glow. The red ornaments and poinsettias just pop against the light. I love this color combo.

red and white tree
red and white tree at night
red and white flora

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