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A Classic Red Christmas Tree

You will never go wrong with a red Christmas tree or decor. Red is such a classic and timeless color at Christmas. It is the color of Santa’s suit and Rudolph’s nose. It is extremely versatile and can be paired with almost any other color for a completely different look.

Red Christmas Ornaments

Over the past few years, I have been moving almost all of my red decorations to my family room and using them together. This year I did the same. I have enough red ornaments and picks that I can create a base layer of red in my tree. So, I typically put all my red ornaments on first. As you can see, once my red layer was in place, I added gold ornaments throughout the tree.

Red Christmas Tree

New Green and Gold Ribbon

This year I wanted that traditional red Christmas look with a little bit of a modern touch. So, I accomplished this modern touch by adding a new ribbon, and new floral pieces to my red Christmas tree in the family room.

This year I decorated in October and there just wasn’t a lot of inventory at my usual store at that time due to import delays. However, I did find this green and gold ribbon and snatched it right up. The green color was a new color for me which added something new for me to enjoy. I did use the red and gold ribbon I have used in the past, but I ran the ribbon in a different way. This also changed up the look of my tree from years past.

Red Christmas Tree
Red Christmas Tree with Green Ribbon

To see another take on running ribbon, check out my tutorial – Cascading Christmas Ribbon Tutorial.

New Floral: Magnolia Leaves and Poinsettias

I also added some green by incorporating some magnolia leaves. I had two magnolia leaf wreaths that I bought last year and never came up with a plan on how to use them. So, I pulled them apart and used the leaves as floral picks in my tree, mantel, and windmill.

Magnolia Leave
Red Christmas Tree

To help pull off the classic and traditional part of my theme and add another pop of red, I added the red poinsettias.

Red Christmas Poinsettia
Red Christmas ornaments

With just a few new touches, this tree looks all new to me this year. I don’t think I will ever get tired of a classic red Christmas tree.

Red and Green Christmas Tree
Green Ribbon on Red Christmas tree
Christmas Tree
Classic Christmas Tree

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