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DIY Tree Skirt From A Table Cloth – No-Sew

A Yes, I saw several that I could have purchased, but I just wasn’t willing to spend the money. So, I made a tree skirt out of an old table cloth I had on hand. I spent zero dollars and it works just fine. So, here is how to make a DIY tree skirt from a table cloth.

Step One: Find and Iron a Table Cloth

I already had an old cream colored round table cloth that was the perfect size for my large tree, so I didn’t have to buy one. I’m sure if you did buy one, it would be less expensive than a tree skirt. After I found my table cloth, I gave it a quick once over with the iron.

Round Table Cloth

Step Two: Fold the Table Cloth

First, fold your round table cloth in half. Then, fold it in half again until you have fourths and your table cloth is in a triangle.

DIY Tree Skirt folded

Step Three: Cut the Table Cloth

You will make two cuts. First cut the center out of the table cloth. Then, cut along a folded edge from the outside edge to the center.

DIY Tree Skirt
DIY Tree Skirt

This is what you will end up with.

DIY Tree Skirt cuts

Step Four: Put Your DIY Tree Skirt Around the Tree

Now, take your new zero cost tree skirt and put it under your tree. I added some throw pillows under the tree skirt to give it some fluff. Then, I just used binder clips to clip the tree skirt together in the back. I just clipped it from underneath so you can’t see the binder clips.

Pillows under the tree to fluff up tree skirt
DIY Tree Skirt

Step Five: Fancy up that DIY Tree Skirt

Finally, I added some lights and tool to fancy it up a bit. I had this tool fabric that I wasn’t sure if I was going to use in the tree or not. It was just sitting around, so I used straight pins and I just pinned it to the DIY tree skirt in several places to keep it in place. I also had an extra string of twinkle lights I wasn’t using anywhere, so I put them on the tree skirt under the tool. It would look amazing with even more lights, but I’m about to cover it with presents anyway.

DIY Tree Skirt
DIY Tree Skirt

So, there you have it. This is an easy DIY tree skirt out of a table cloth. This is so easy anyone can do it. All you need is a table cloth and scissors. If you liked this Christmas post, check out some of my others below. Also, be sure to check out my video tour of all of my Christmas decorations for 2019.


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