Hello Fellow Moms

Hello fellow moms out there.  I know how hard you work at getting everything done and holding it all together.  I’m a mom of two kids, one husband, four dogs, and four cats.  I try my best to keep everyone happy and make sure we are all working together.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert at any one thing, but I can figure out how to do most things.  That’s probably just the mom in me.

Most of the time I take on a project and by the time I’m done, I know just what I did wrong.  Every once in a while, though, I have what I would call a brilliant idea.  So, that’s what I want to show you and tell you about – all the lessons I learn and my brilliant ideas.

You will see ideas relating to home decorating, like how to paint furniture, how to reupholster chairs, and how to fill your home with your own original artwork.  You will also see ideas and projects for kids, like how to hand make cards, and great ideas for birthday party good bags.  I’ll also have a lot of projects involving photography and recording your family’s memories.

I hope you see something that inspires you to take on a project of your own.

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