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Mom’s Favorite Gift Ideas

Are you struggling to find gifts for people like your Dad and Father-in-law. Do you just cycle through the same gifts year after year – wallet, belt, socks, gift card? It’s pretty boring stuff, isn’t it? Well this year, here are some ideas that might help you come up with something better?

But, before you read my gift ideas, you should know that everything on this list is from a company that my husband and I own. So, if you click on a link below, we will make money; but we can also save you money with this coupon code: MOMCAN15. Use this coupon code at checkout on any of these items and you will save 15% off the listed price. Thank you and you are welcome!

Gift Ideas for Him

Men are the hardest creatures to buy for, in my humble opinion. But, they will all love a super cool replica rubber band gun from Elastic Precision. Shop all models of guns, or go straight for one of the coolest gift sets ever made! If you have never seen this company, check out the website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget you can use the coupon code MOMCAN15 for 15% off your purchase!

gift ideas for him
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Another idea for him that we are selling a ton of are at Dealsie.com. This site has great deals on all kinds of electronics and home items. If you have never heard of Dealsie.com, we’d love it if you checked out the website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you find something you like, you better grab it, though. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Check out this 5-in-1 Emergency Tool. Men love to be prepared for any emergency and they will be with this tool. Get one for each vehicle and the house and don’t forget you can use coupon code: MOMCAN15 for 15% off!

gift ideas for him
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Gift Ideas for Her

What mom wouldn’t want a Mom Can Do Anything T-Shirt? Really. I get compliments every time I wear mine. Sorry, I can’t give you the coupon code on this one.

gift ideas for her
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Also, every mom I know would love time away from it all. So, why not get her a super cute suitcase. All luggage is on sale at Dealsie.com. You’ll want to use the coupon code: LUGGAGEBLOWOUT for the best discount.

gift ideas for her
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Gift Ideas for Kids

Check out these adorable blue tooth speakers. They are so adorable, your kids will find all kinds of uses for them. They were even seen on Shark Tank! Right now they are on Dealsie.com and you can use the coupon code: MOMCAN15.

gift ideas for kids
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Also, I can speak from experience on this one. The kids are always stealing my charger! Why not get them their very own really cool charger that lights up when it’s charging your device. Check out the video on Dealsie.com and use the coupon code MOMCAN15.

gift ideas
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I hope you find something that’s perfect for everyone on your list. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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